New Everything

Welcome to the new website!
It only has 8 bits but that’s all you need~

The revival is due to the fact that I’m starting a new show on Youtube very soon. Each game will get it’s own show in which I’ll (attempt to) play it, talk a bit about it’s history/origin and throw in a bit of humor for good measure because lol. I’ll be starting off with the extensive NES library of 758 games, but you can toss in a few request for games if there’s one you’d like to see first!

I’ve also updated my other social medias here:

I’d super appreciate it if you’d give me a like, follow, friend, subscription or whatever else these sites have these days.
I’ll give you a mention in the show if you’ve donated or given me a game to play, too! Buying all of these NES games isn’t cheap!